Montag, 18. April 2011

Der IWF ist ein Auslaufmodell...

...sagt der oberste britische Banker, Mervyn A. King, Gouverneur der Bank von England:
„Ultimately, only the Bretton Woods institutions themselves – the IMF and the World Bank – have the legitimacy to represent all of their 187 member countries. But their governance is outdated. At the height of the crisis, the G20 and the G7 provided strong leadership. But legitimacy and leadership should go together. One without the other does not offer a sustainable vehicle for international cooperation. So allowing the G20 to metamorphose into the governing body of the IMF makes a good deal of sense. Such an evolution would, with a little commitment and imagination, create a single effective framework for international economic cooperation.”

Mein Kommentar in "ZEIT online" zum Artikel "Finanzkrise - Der IWF – nur begrenzt lernfähig" vom 13.04.11.

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